Interview: The Film Lads, The Lad Goodbye

Three friends who met and bonded over a mutual adoration of all things cinema decided to go out and do it themselves, weaving together a neo-noir stoner comedy overflowing with dedication and homage to all of their favorite filmmakers. The film is The Lad Goodbye, and Vaughn and Jack are here to talk to its trio of creators, The Film Lads – Nolan, Kirk, and Victor.

Today, find out how the lads met, the process that led to the creation of the film, its dizzying array of influences, how The Lad Goodbye‘s hazy stoner logic all came together, Letterboxd as a platform for social film discovery, and so much more.

The film is available to watch for free any time on their Vimeo page, and you can connect with the Film Lads on Nolan, Kirk, and Victor‘s Letterboxd pages.

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