Daydreamcast Ep. 43: Mega Man Legends (1997)

In this episode Brogan and Brendan venture into parts unknown!

Because Murph was at PAX for so long Brogan recorded another ep with another guest! This time, it’s gaming journalist and freelancer Brendan Hesse. In this episode Brendan gives his personal experience and views regarding gaming, RPGs, and most specifically: what he’s playing. Xenoblade Chronicles 3, No Man’s Sky, and Soul Hackers 2. After, we look into how games transitioned into the third dimension and discuss some essential franchises. Topping it all off, we look at Mega Man Legends for the Sony Playstation!

Whatcha Playin’

20:45 Soul Hackers 2 (2022)

30:15 Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (2022)

39:00 No Man’s Sky (2016)

Variety Minute

43:30 Video Game Franchises jumping to 3D

Game of the Week

1:29:30 Mega Man Legends (1997)

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