The Twin Geeks Music Show: Detroit Scam Rap, Beyoncé, & The Game’s Eminem Diss Track

Every region of America has its own unique rap culture. In Detroit, an emerging sub-genre is Scam Rap, where hacking, stealing credit cards, and getting one over on people is the order of the day. It is the culture responding to inequity by creating its own means to succeed out of nothing. Meanwhile, Beyoncé has dropped a new album called Renaissance, a major event for Poptimists everywhere. How does the new album embrace the greater diversity of the Beyhive, with a new kind of dance music centered around an aging Black & Queer audience, while upholding everything that makes Beyoncé Beyoncé? The Game also shoots for the stars — literally unloading on anyone who won’t make a feature with him. This time, Eminem’s card is pulled, along with his compatriots. We discuss The Game’s new album, Drillmatic, his penchant for self-mythologizing storytelling, and whether this album succeeds on its own complicated terms.

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