I’m Thinking of Spoiling Things: The Grab Bag of Friends Special

While Stephen is away completing a world tour of Federico Fellini’s filming locations, Vaughn puts together a very special episode, featuring three guests and three films. In each segment, one of our dear friends will join to talk about a different movie; Calvin joins to figure out whodunit in Bodies Bodies Bodies, Murph to discuss the various hunting techniques utilized in Prey, and Jack hops in to kick back and reminisce on the vibes of The Lad Goodbye. With a bloody neon mystery, an adrenaline-fueled monster hunt, and a microbudget neo-noir stoner comedy for the ages, there’s lots to talk about this week on the show.

Calvin & Bodies Bodies Bodies | 0:00
Murph & Prey | 49:05
Jack & The Lad Goodbye | 1:30:30

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