I’m Thinking Of Spoiling Things: The Gray Man

Stephen is back to reclaim his spot as co-host and he’s got a lot of movies to talk about this week. It’s a lengthy Grab Bag of Recent Releases as Stephen and Vaughn discuss all the latest they’ve been catching up on, including the latest Jane Austen adaptation Persuasion and Claire Denis’ Both Sides of the Blade. Then, it’s the latest from blockbuster giants The Russo Brothers, The Gray Man, Netflix’s newest chaotic action comic adaptation. Can it live up to the expectations set by their endeavors in billion dollar franchises, or is it just a hollow flop of empty action and flat performances? Find out the answers to that and more, including answers to your many burning questions and recommendations from the guys.

Grab Bag of Recent Releases (The Black Phone, Lightyear, Persuasion, Happening, Both Sides of the Blade, Fast and Feel Love) | 3:00
The Russo Brothers | 27:30
The Gray Man | 30:30
Listener Mail | 56:00
Recommendations | 1:34:30

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