The Fright Files: Ring, Part 1

Welcome to The Fright Files. Ben & Calvin are close friends and intrepid investigators of the literary genre fiction slice of horror cinema. In their new series, the horror detectives will page through the source materials that act as the impetuous for many of your favorite horror properites. The series will leave no corner of a franchise unturned, specializing in literature, film, and videogames from all regions, with insightful conversations about version differences and what it means to adapt a property from “page to scream”. Won’t you join them, Gentle Listener, as we embark into the world of the fictional macabre?

The first series is one that is central and dear to your host’s hearts — its Ring (also known as: The Ring & Ringu) — beginning with Koji Suzuki’s under-read classic novel Ring from 1991 and expanding into the first two films adapted from it of the same name, the 1995 television horror film and the 1998 film by Hideo Nakata that ignited the J-Horror frenzy and the broadening of Japanese horror to Western markets. The Fright Files will explore the nature of each work, how all the elements of Ring were perfect for piquing interests in J-Horror, and just how different characters can be when translated from text to screen.

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