Daydreamcast Ep. 39: Myst (1992)

Join us as we go through pages and experience new ages on the Daydreamcast! Murph and Bro team up to discuss all sorts of things! Blood Omen, Umurangi Generations, Final Station, and we even meet some Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! Before we eventually talk about remakes and remasters and different versions of video games, and our topic of the week: Myst! Don’t worry, you won’t be wandering around for hours wondering what to do. Here’s a tip: click the play button!

Time Stamps:

1. Blood Omen Discussion: Bro Edition 2:00

2. Nightmare of Decay (2022) 6:00

3. Final Station (2016) 11:00

4. Ravenfield (2017) 16:40

5. Umurangi Generations (2020) 20:00

6. Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble (2006) 25:30

Variety Minute

Remakes and Remasters 31:40

Game of the Week

Myst (1992) 54:10

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