Daydreamcast Ep. 36: War of the Monsters (2003)

Kaiju and content creators clash! The only podcast that’s a complete knockout! Our normal hosts (Bro and Murph) take their corners and Stephen joins the fray! Stephen is our kaiju expert, ranking monsters with his buddy Calvin on another cast. We talk about a collection of indie games, such as Spelunky 2, Norco, Citizen Sleeper, Say No! More, and Spellcaster University. Murph goes into his Yakuza minute, which will expand into many minutes as his franchise ambitions unfold. Then our Kaiju Minute explores how they reflect in different games, and maybe in some unexpected ways. Then we all clash with our game of the week. Murph is sentimental about it, but can modern sensibilities make this towering giant come crashing down? Only one way to find out!

Huge thanks to Jack Davenport and Ryanparius, Jack has done our intro and Ryan has done our variety minute segue.

Time stamps:

Whatcha Playin’

2:20 Citizen Sleeper (2022)

11:20 The Amazing American Circus (2021)

20:10 Spelunky 2 (2020)

28:30 Spellcaster University (2021)

38:00 Norco (2022)

46:50 Say No! More (2021)

50:15 Yakuza Minute

Variety Minute

54:00 Kaiju Games

Game of the Week

1:09:05 War of the Monsters! (2003)

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