The Twin Geeks 156: In Your Honor – A Foo Fighters Tribute

The world’s most famous rock band. The last vestiges of a style and sound still thriving after the world has moved on to so many other modern genres. A link to the revolutionary sound stemming from Seattle, Washington in the early ’90s, birthed from the ashes of its most infamous loss. And now, another cloud of ash threatens to blanket the Foo Fighters for good, as the tragic eruption of drummer Taylor Hawkins’ untimely death signals a potential conclusion for this group’s near three-decade run of unrivaled success. From a mixtape hodgepodge of frontman Dave Grohl’s lingering ambitions to becoming one of the most successful touring groups of all time, the Foo Fighters have left an impression on the musical world which now appears to be an unifillable hole. In their honor, though, we seek to be on the mend. Their music and legacy will survive any long road to ruin, to live on in history, everlong. Join us for a career retrospective on the Foo Fighters, celebrating and remembering the documentaries, feature film, and ten studio albums produced by virtue of their inimitable talents and artistic chemistry — each component as vital to their success as their lead singer’s iconic charisma and stage presence.

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