I’m Thinking Of Spoiling Things: The Batman

This week on the show, things get dark and gloomy as Stephen and Vaughn find themselves with opposing thoughts on Matt Reeves’ The Batman. A tense battle will ensue, but before that, they dive into their history with the character of Batman and his many appearances in cinema, including the genius of Tim Burton’s rocket penguins in Batman Returns (1992) and both of their recent reevaluations of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight (2008). In the main event, it’s the caped crusader’s latest epic, a sprawling journey through the streets of Gotham as he races to catch The Riddler. Is it a pitch perfect incarnation of the character that cleverly deconstructs his place as a masked vigilante, or is it a dreadful disaster with no personality and a deluge of glaring plot holes? Maybe it’s both, depending on who you ask.

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Join The Twin Geeks editors Stephen and Vaughn as they dive in to spoiler heavy discussions on the latest cinematic releases.

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