Daydreamcast Ep. 33: World of Goo (2008)

Talk about a sticky situation! This episode of the Daydreamcast Bro and Murph explore the icky sticky ooey gooey wiiware title World of Goo! We also talk about Resident Evil 3‘s remake, Elden Ring (again), and we analyze how goo functions in video games. Gooigi will reveal the truthigi. Murph then gushes about World of Goo‘s 10/10 aesthetic and mechanics. This goo structure builder and physics simulator made a huge splash in indie games, but how does it play today?

Whatcha Playin’

Resident Evil 3 Remake (0:00)

Elden Ring (11:30)

Variety Minute

Goo Games (31:45)

Game of the Week

World of Goo (41:30)

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