Daydreamcast Episode 31: Half-Life Double Feature

The Daydreamcast is seeing double with a two-feature show! In this episode Bro and Murph anticipate Elden Ring‘s impending release, talk about AER, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Hero’s Hour! Murph has played some obscure indies and Bro played an old game. What a shock! After, we try to escape the top-secret Black Mesa facility as Gordon Freeman. Has the game aged well enough? Can we forgive the mistakes it’s made in the name of innovation or is it just impossible to have fun? After, we also examine its sequel: Half-Life 2. Where we talk about how it goes above and beyond the original title’s goals and what makes the game special. We also wonder if it’s just a tad overrated. Now time for the ultimate moral choice in games: Pick up that podcast!


Whatcha Playin’

0:00 Countdown to Elden Ring

1:00 Hero’s Hour (2022)

5:00 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004)

10:45 AER Memories of Old (2017)

19:45 Variety Minute (Retbrospective): Silent Protagonists

Games of the Week

36:15 Half-Life 1 (1998)

1:07:15 Half-Life 2 (2004)

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