Daydreamcast Ep. 30: Epic Mickey (2010)

The Daydreamcast makes a triumphant return after a hiatus! Pavlos has had to retire from co-hosting duties due to a busy schedule, but Murph has filled in as the permanent co-host. Bro and Murph start by talking about Sekiro, then Bro shares his experiences with Death’s Door, while Murph complains about the Resident Evil 2 remake! Then we try out a new segment where we explore gaming oddities, starting with the wii controller and peripherals. Then, we talk about the 2010 video game Epic Mickey. Certainly a game with a complex history, we explore how much of the game is exciting and how much of the game is a mediocre platformer. The only thing more exciting than the house of mouse is the house of the Daydreamcast!


Whatcha Playin’

0:00 Pavlos’s absence and our lamentation
1:30 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (2019)
8:30 Death’s Door (2021)
12:00 Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019)

The Variety Minute

25:00 The wiimote and accessories

Topic of the Week

41:00 Epic Mickey (2010)

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