808s & Podbreaks: Ye – 808s & Heartbreak

This week we explore the signifier of our name change and one of our great shared passions — the life and times of Ye, the artist formally known as Kanye West. Here, Ye points to the bright future of Hip Hop, embracing DIY tools but with maximalist editing and a perfectionist’s touch. 808s & Heartbreak comes after the tragic loss of Kanye’s mother and his separation from his then fiancé. It signals an end for a certain period in Ye’s musical development and life in general, as he takes on a new ambition as the most trailblazing and forward-thinking artist of his time. We’re here to celebrate this evolutionary step in Ye’s musicality and such an important album for the two of us. We think you’ll love it, unless you’re some kind of “Robocop”.

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