Don’t Let the Moterncast Get You: Adventures in Cruben Country (2002)

Musical Matt Farley becomes Mayor in this marvelous microbudget indie, the second in our series on all the movies of Motern Media. A few years following 1999’s The Paperboy, Adventures in Cruben Country finds the crew establishing the tenor of what will become their ultimate mystique. Directed by Matt Farley, the film explores his keenest interests: lots of walking and talking; verbose scripts with delirious wordplay; pickup basketball; and lots of fun-loving solutions for how to make a small film with no money at all. It’s a delight. Our show’s own Matt also went to a Motern Media party in the woods! He reports back on a few hours of performances and getting some valuable time with the creators of some of our favorite movies! Don’t Let the Moterncast Get You!

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The Twin Geeks (Calvin, Jack, Matt, and Stephen) cover the exciting world of Motern Media, going one film at a time, and discussing our favorite creators of low-budget high-quality cinema.

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