Ranking the Monsters: Yongary (1967) & Big Man Japan (2007)

It’s a multi-friend melee on Ranking the Monsters! Our theme song’s songsmith Jack returns to the show alongside Letterboxd Japanuary Challenge head honcho, Big Man Ben. It’s the site’s biggest podcast yet, group wise, as our four friends endeavor to rank an absurdist love letter to the genre in Big Man Japan and a traditionally derivative kaiju in Yongary, directed by Kim Ki-duk (but not that one). In a podcast as supersized as the Big Men it covers, how will Calvin and Stephen rank our new entrants in the entire canon? Listen and find out.

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Join kaiju-superfan Stephen and kaiju-curious Calvin as they watch and rank every monster movie ever made. RanKing of Monsters is a brave attempt to finally answer that age old question: what is the best kaiju movie? Each episode focuses on a movie, or two, as the pair take monster cinema far too seriously, and not seriously at all, in equal measure. Come for some sincere film criticism and stay for two pals chatting nonsense about actors in rubber suits.

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