The Twin Geeks 144: Rankin’ Rankin/Bass – Part 3

Christmas Eve is upon us as we ring out the old year with this final collection of holiday features to round out the season. We’ve dug deep for this final handful, boasting the longest collective runtimes thus far, including one which almost made its way to the theaters. It’s perhaps also the weirdest batch of the bunch, featuring such oddities as sentient logs, Christmas leprechauns, and cross-contamination with L. Frank Baum’s wonderful realm of Oz. Fear not, though, as we have not exhausted the genuine classics yet, as Frosty and Rudolph team up for the directing duo’s grandest Christmas canon endeavor. The coals are still warm around The Twin Geeks Christmas Hearth, so make yourself comfortable as we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Hap-Hap-Happy New Year with the final installment of our Rankin/Bass Christmas quest.

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