The Twin Geeks 141: Best in Show (2000)

It’s Thanksgiving over at The Twin Geeks HQ. Calvin and David take a break while the guest hosts take over in true substitute teacher style. Listen as known Brit (and former guest) Stephen is quizzed on Thanksgiving by former guest Murph. Stick around for a review of Ghostbusters: Afterlife and our Thanksgiving treat: a discussion of Best in Show. Prepare for shambolic chaos and, don’t worry, Calvin and David will return.

Time Stamps:

0:00 What is Thanksgiving with guest hosts Stephen and Murph

2:57 Hunky Priests

4:30 What is Thanksgiving… Part II

9:15 Game Show!: Murph Quizzes Stephen About Thanksgiving

19:50 The Thanksgiving Tree & Thanksgiving Movies

21:54 Ghostbusters Afterlife

38:36 Best in Show

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