The Twin Geeks 140: Last Night in Soho (2021)

As the thinning veil of autumn grants us passage into the darker days of winter, our spirits are lifted and renewed by the holiday season. It’s Halloween. The greatest holiday of them all. The one day of the year where what happens above the ground reflects the way it all must end. The one day where our spiritual contact is a little closer. Where the veil itself becomes visualized. Where we understand, with costumed acuity, the great divide between the living and the departed, as we dearly celebrate both. It is the only time of year where life feels like it used to be. Where you can commune freely with your neighbors and ask for a treat or threaten a trick. But the holiday, like everything else, may be fading. It may be shifting into the ether of long-gone childhood memories, becoming an adult holiday, only. The boys discuss the greatest time of year and Edgar Wright’s new picture, Last Night in Soho, one the year’s most technically accomplished films, about that very real autumnal divide, where we can see into the past and another world beyond the living. On the show, we have divisive takes about the exact success of the material, but carry a shared appreciation for its author, and celebrate the course of his work, through his new movie.

Time Stamps:

0:00 State of the Podcast

7:00 Trick or treating & 12-foot skeletons

24:00 Last Night in Soho

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