The Twin Geeks 138: Benevolent Halloween

Each year, film lovers flock to their screens for the month of October to partake in an annual ritual of Halloween-themed viewing. Most often, we pack the month with the goriest, most terrifying, horrific movies we can find, but that has never been the true essence of the Halloween spirit. There will always be room in our ghoulish hearts for the likes of Micahel Myers and Jason Voorhees, but growing up, Halloween was a time reserved for spooks more than scares. Benevolent Halloween, as we have chosen to call it, is the spirit of the month which focuses on its more universal appeals. The autumnal atmosphere, the folklore and mystery, and the suburban traditions of jack-o-lanterns and festive decoration. This picturesque vision of the holiday is best exemplified through the films we see each year, many of which were imprinted onto us at an early age through annual showings on television. Generations grew up experiencing the traditions of Halloween through the eyes of Charlie Brown, but as the years have gone by, and the annual outdoor excursion has ceased, we’ve turned inward and found a treasure trove of seasonal favorites which manage to encapsulate that Halloween spirit through the medium of film. Whether it’s old favorites first seen on the Disney channel, unknown classics revived from the hallows of history, or a brand new treat such as the recent Muppets Haunted Mansion, we’re here to catalogue of few of the outstanding favorites that make it into our rotation each year. Joining us in this endeavor is the foremost expert on Benevolent Halloween, and good friend of the show, Murph. All of this and more from your independent resource for classic and contemporary cinema.

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