The Twin Geeks 134: In Memory of Norm Macdonald

Last week, we lost one of the people who made us laugh the most. Iconic comedian Norm Macdonald left behind a vast legacy of work and we’ve spent the last week chewing over his great contributions to comedic storytelling. What we’ve found is a veritable treasure chest of profoundly funny material spanning diverse forms and functions. Today we celebrate the endless joy Norm Macdonald has provided us with, from his stint on Saturday Night Live with Weekend Update, to his legendary appearances on David Letterman and Conan O’Brien, to Norm’s own hosting forays on YouTube and Netflix. It’s time to give Norm his flowers. With guest host Pavlos stepping in, we also highlight the Late Era-careers of Clint Eastwood, Paul Schrader, and Sion Sono, with Cry Macho, The Card Counter, and Prisoners of the Ghostland. Meanwhile, awards season begins! The Emmys happened and we lightly reflect on the year’s show and the space for television awards shows in a media climate that heavily favors streaming services. And it’s an Anime Takeover on The Twin Geekscast, as we discuss the long, storied history of Mobile Suit Gundam (1981), and the outsized influences of the show and their movies. All of this and more from your independent resource for classic and contemporary cinema.

Time Stamps:
0:00 The Twerking Twenties and Wet Johnnies
4:10 Emmys in the Age of Streamers
10:29 Pavlos, chess expert, on The Queen’s Gambit
15:27 Prisoners of the Ghostland
21:29 The Card Counter
28:35 Cry Macho
35:40 Mobile Suit Gundam I
49:50 In Memory of Norm Macdonald

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