The Twin Geeks 130: Metropolis (1927)

The titanic scale and legacy of Fritz Lang’s monolithic Sci-Fi epic is undeniable, despite a tumultuous and storied history of arduous ambition, calamitous failure, enduring influence, and eventual resurrection. The history of Metropolis‘ evolution within the public conscious is at least as fascinating as the innovative film itself. Its nearly complete form has only existed for little more than a decade at this point, making its all-encompassing influence all the more impressive. Seeing it in any form, however, it’s not difficult to understand why its maintained such a high status in the canon of Sci-Fi classics. The visual splendor and grandeur of Lang’s dystopian masterpiece is awe-inspiring in a way that dwarfs most ever other film produced in its ninety-year shadow. The story is simple yet poignantly effective for its immense scale to capture, providing a straightforward vehicle through which the spectacle of Lang’s vision can truly transcend. Along with chronicling its mammoth impact and fascinating legacy we dive into the complex lineage of the beloved Neon Genesis Evangelion series, along with a lengthy look at the propaganda films produced by affluent Hollywood directors as chronicled in Mark Harris’ seminal biography on the subject, Five Came Back. To round things out Calvin attempts to seduce David to the offerings of Apple TV+ with the recent offerings of the deaf coming of age film CODA as well as the plethora of prestige television offerings to come from the service as of late. All of this and more from your independent resource on classic and contemporary cinema.

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