Daydreamcast Ep. 27: Neo Turf Masters (1996)

After a long sabbatical, we are back to tee off with a new edition of the most leisurely gaming podcast around. We tackle everything exciting that happened at the Electronic Three (who are more the Electronic Six or Seven at this point) and hit you with all the talk you never knew you wanted on the off-beat rhythm game Dedede’s Drum Dash Deluxe and a remaster of what could be considered the former incarnation of the B game (a concept alien to the present landscape), Destroy All Humans. Pavlos also kicks off a new series entirely dedicated to verbally demolishing Resident Evil 6 as he slowly crawls his way through it, regardless of how easy a target it might be. After this sand trap of a game, we move on to greener pastures with our game of the week, Neo Turf Masters, a delightfully dynamic and breezy golf game for the arcades and the Neo Geo. The special click system of the game as well as its idiosyncratic mix of cartoonish and realistic graphical elements, and, most importantly, its invigorating sounds make the game another essential entry in the SNK lineage of care-free and flat-out cool arcade sports delights.

Time Stamps:
Whatcha Playing
00:00 The most belated E3 coverage in the biz
40:55 Dedede’s Drum Dash Deluxe (2014)
48:27 Destroy All Humans (2020)
53:33 Resident Evil 6ucks (2012) Part 1
Featured Game
01:06:00 Neo Turf Masters

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