The Twin Geeks 127: To Have and Have Not (1944)

The famous film that brought together the power couple of Bogie and Bacall, Howard Hawks’ To Have and Have Not is an enigma of sensual fascination. Ostensibly an adaptation of the famous Ernest Hemingway novel of the same name, but in actuality anything but, Hawks’ laissez faire pairing of the hard-boiled Bogart and the sumptuous ingénue Bacall marinates in electric chemistry sparked between its two leads, emphasizing little else beyond their seductive rapport. The tropical Martinique setting and World War II background help set the stage for the film’s undercurrent and intrigue, but its appeal pales in comparison to the iconic romance of the soon-to-be real life couple. We explore all the reasons why the film works so well despite the hodgepodge nature of its construction as well as a litany of subjects ranging from the latest M. Night Shyamalan film to the maligned history of innovative children’s cartoons to the complete rage-induced disaster of Woodstock ’99. All of this and more from your independent resource on classic and contemporary cinema.
0:00: Old
18:57: Annette
28:30: Happy Happy Joy Joy (2020)
41:09: Woodstock ’99
50:30: To Have and Have Not

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