The Twin Geeks 117: The Muppet Show (1976 – 1981)

It’s The Twin Geekscast! With our very special hosts, David and Murph? For many, our cultural jubilance at the sheer presence of Kermit and the like began with this landmark sketch series, but for others its accessibility has only recently been made possible thanks to its inclusion in the Disney+ canon. The brainchild of Jim Henson, The Muppet Show was the revolutionary sketch comedy/late night program that first skyrocketed the felt family to the mainstream, introducing and codifying all our favorite characters and paving the way for their many cinematic endeavors. With a litany of guest stars spanning multiple iconoclastic generations, The Muppet Show managed to strike a unique balance between early and late twentieth century entertainment, mixing an inspirational admiration for the loosely structured stage revues of vaudeville with more contemporary sketch-style comedy reminiscent of Saturday Night Live and Monty Python’s Flying Circus. With performers ranging the likes of Ethel Merman and Steve Martin to the introduction of timeless characters like Ms. Piggy and the Swedish Chef, The Muppet Show has an enduring legacy that maintains its appeal alongside its uniquely 1970s sensibilities.

0:00 The horse names of the 2021 Kentucky Derby
3:36 Welcoming Murph to the show
5:30 The Mitchells vs. the Machines
14:44 David’s Documentary Discourse: Dawson City: Frozen Time (2016)
25:10 The Muppet Show

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