The Twin Geeks 111: North by Northwest (1959)

As one of Hitchcock’s most iconic films, and perhaps the most definitive take on his favorite “Wrong Man” narrative theme, North by Northwest perseveres as an influential titan of globe-trotting adventure thriller. Bearing all the hallmarks of the famed Master of Suspense’s signature style, Cary Grant is bounced from one luxurious locale to another, mistaken as an international spy and on the run for his life soon after threatened by the menacing James Mason. Traversing from train cars to hotel rooms, from the grandeur of the United Nations building to the titanic emblems of Americana in the visages of Mount Rushmore, North by Northwest is truly Hitchcock’s most epic endeavor. It’s packed with his usual brand of suspenseful spectacle, and loaded with the kind of rhetorical comedy he most preferred. With the indelible talents of Grant carrying us from place to place, soaring on the back of a triumphant Bernard Herrmann score, North by Northwest is a quintessential classic from Hitchcock’s oeuvre that stands the test of time and continues to grip and entertain us through all the years and endless indulgent rewatches.
0:00: Welcome Graham to the show
2:38: SXSW
12:43: Atlanta (2016-Present)
17:04: Zack Snyder’s Justice League
26:26: Hitchcock/Truffaut (2015)
30:02: North by Northwest

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