Daydreamcast Ep. 22: Mega Man V (1994)

Everyone’s favourite Alabama man returns for this brand-new episode of the Daydreamcast! We catch up with what Brogan managed to play before nature cut off his power, including the hefty narrative experience Disco Elysium and the disappointingly slight Resident Evil 3 remake. Pavlos postpones Mario talk for another week to discuss his time with the stylish if a little lacking Annapurna visual novel If Found… and divulge his research into the true next-gen console coming later this year, the hilariously misguided Intellivision Amico. If you thrive on yearning for an illusive phantasma you like to hallmark as The Good Old Days, an arcadian place in time when video games “were still fun”, and if on top of that you like to pretend that children have an active interest in playing those games with their parents, then the Amico is just the thing for you: an expensive bow to put on that awkwardly wrapped package of self-lies. Luckily, no pretension or backwardness is needed to recognise our game of the week as a fun time, Capcom’s fifth Mega Man outing on the Game Boy. As the first on the platform to not recycle bosses from its big brother counterparts on the NES, Mega Man V pits the Super Fighting Robot against an alien menace that is definitely not in cahoots with the previously once-and-for-all defeated Dr. Wily († for realsies). A full-fledged addition to the series, we break down why it’s deserving of anyone’s time, throwing out fun original robot masters, a shop system, and some banging tunes at a steady pace – you know, like Mega Man do. The game also introduces a robot cat named Tango. You cannot pet it. This information brought to you by The Tender Gamer.

Whatcha Playing
00:00 Rocket League (2015), the state of the football game, and birds
10:20 Disco Elysium (2019)
21:22 Resident Evil 3 remake (2020)
29:20 If Found… (2020)
42:10 Intellivision Amico
Featured Game
56:18 Mega Man V

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