Daydreamcast Ep. 21: Splatoon 2 (2017)

We welcome you back to the Brogan Memorial Podcast, the video game podcast made in tribute to former co-host Brogan before they took away his power, presumably to stop him from podcasting specifically.. we’re just kidding, we’re just kidding! Pavlos finds himself in a Zoom call with Calvin and David, both returning guests and, more importantly, not wearing any clothes while we recorded the episode. Unsurprisingly, David deems it the occasion to come out of the closet, confessing his feelings for emotionless robots and anthropomorphic bats as he airs his carnal lust for Rouge the Bat and Rosalina live on-air. Our collective therapy session continues as we discuss our new addiction, Rocket League, and birds. We love birds here, especially ones that provide a lot of points and good card effects in the digital version of the acclaimed board game Wingspan. Meanwhile, Calvin gushes about some game called Super Mario Galaxy which has zero birds in it. Given the highly irregular circumstances this week, we actually tend to a piece of current events, discussing some highlights from the recent Nintendo Direct. And even more unusual is our game of the week, the household favourite that is Splatoon 2. A handful of nitpicks aside, which we hope to see addressed in the recently announced sequel, we explore our deep-running love for this highly creative and innovative third-person painting/shooting hybrid, an ink-redible blend of turf control, flexible loadout strategising, splatting, painting, swimming, DJing, stealth, and just capital F Freshness that permeates the entire post-apocalyptic world of inklings and octolings. Our discussion of the intricate mechanics and style is rounded out by examining its various distinct modes, the community, and the future of Splatting. And now, an assortment of Splatoon film titles: Kid Now, Squid Then (Hong Sang-Soo), Three Colours: Neon Green (Kieślowski), Barton Ink (Coens), Splatfesten (Vinterberg).

Whatcha Playing
00:00 Rocket League (2015)
12:30 Wingspan (2020)
21:12 Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
30:31 Nintendo Direct
Featured Game
58:48 Splatoon 2

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