The Twin Geeks 101: Top Ten First Watches of 2020

New Year, New Geeks. Watching movies in 2020 was a bit of a different experience for us all. Instead of going out, we all stayed home, and while there wasn’t necessarily a shortage of new content to consume, many of us took the opportunity to turn towards that ever-growing watchlist of proposed classics we’ve been neglecting. To start off the new year right we want to look back at some of our favorite viewing experiences from 2020. No matter how many movies we set out to see there’s always more left to be discovered. The expansive history of cinema is nigh without end, and this past year gave us both ample opportunity to explore some of its most rewarding nooks and crannies. We’ve got a mix of heralded classics and overlooked gems to discuss here, with fresh perspectives and ample enthusiasm for all film has to offer. These personal discoveries were some of our greatest highlights of 2020, reinvigorating our passion for the medium and proving there is still so much journey left to be had. Here’s hoping 2021 offers just as many exciting experiences as these two lists convey.

0:00 The Bean Dad phenomenon
10:39 David & Calvin’s top 10-6 watches of 2020
1:03:10 David & Calvin’s top 5-1 watches of 2020

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