The Twin Geeks 99: Animaniacs (2020)

Helloooooooo Nurse! As much as we’re all tired of the lifeless, hackneyed, uninspired trend of Hollywood recycling old properties nostalgically linked to the informative upbringings of Millennials and Generation X, news of Hulu reviving the classic Warner Bros. cartoon Animaniacs was like a shot in the arm, as one could hardly resist the return of the chaotic Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister) in any form no matter how contrived. But there was a sense of security in their announcement as well, as the preservation of the original voice cast, and knowing the inherent adaptability of Animaniacs‘ signature zany comedy would be well-suited for brand new cultural references and biting social humor, fears of this reboot being as generic and trite as, say, a Disney counterpart, were all but unfounded. As 2020 comes to a close, we can at least be thankful for one timely and infatuating release this year, as the first season of the new Animaniacs leaves us in stitches with its self-aware sensibilities and generational-bridging humor, slaying both kids and adults alike. Goodnight Everybody!

0:00: Thanksgiving traditions & nearing 100 episodes
15:51: Pixar’s Soul
24:21: Saturday Morning Cartoon nostalgia
39:32: Animaniacs

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