The Twin Geeks 95: Happy Death Day (2017)

If we’re being honest here, there’s only one reason we’re covering this film for our monthly block of horror episodes: cohost Calvin Kemph’s undying enthusiasm for Groundhog Day-like films and its fusion with the slasher genre of horror. Whether it’s in the form of a Netflix mini-series, an international festival favorite, or prattling on about the famous film itself, this guy loves him some gimmick-driven time loop movies. Countless references of praise for Christopher Landon’s Happy Death Day can be found sprinkled around the website, and there is perhaps nothing so fawning as his review of the film’s sequel from last year. Today, we find out what makes this series such a fixation of Calvin’s psyche, why this seemingly standard tongue-in-cheek slasher has so permanently fixated itself to our beloved cohost, and if his podcasting partner can maintain his sanity after an hour of copious enthusiasm for Jessica Rothe and her role as the first Infinite Girl of slashers.

0:00: Birthday, holiday, and The Pagemaster (1994) appreciation
22:05: On the Rocks
30:43: Rebecca
38:19: Happy Death Day

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