Daydreamcast Ep. 14: Donkey Kong 3 (1983)

The Daydreamcast is buggin’! The anime has taken over the show, leaving Brogan beyond salvation, as we talk about the gacha craze that has swept the nation (and its name is Genshin Impact) and Kingdom Hearts, of all things. Meanwhile, Pavlos finally delivers his thoughts on the Meiji era Ace Attorney spin-off which never made it out of Japan. Thankfully, we have the palate cleansers at the ready with two hot-as-heck-for-realsies-this-time hot takes straight from hell, definitively rewriting the general consensus on two beloved platformer series. A little less revisionist is our take on the game of the week, Donkey Kong 3, the ugly duckling of the original arcade trilogy. While we’re down with Stanley the Bugman (formerly known as The Fumigator) and shooting things with pesticide, we acknowledge the epigonal nature of the game and its lack of variety. A podcast episode full of lessons, just like the following: whatever you do in life, always go for the Full Melon Run.

Whatcha Playing
00:00 Genshin Impact (2020) and other gacha games
10:39 The Great Ace Attorney: The Adventure of Ryūnosuke Naruhodō (2015)
27:00 Kingdom Hearts series
37:23 Hot Take Central (also known as The Hot Take Minute)
Featured Game
47:37 Donkey Kong 3

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