The Twin Geeks 93: The Evil Dead (1981)

After going door-to-door with a shoddy trailer to show potential investors what their low-budget attempt at a gory, haunted-house horror film might look like, a group of friends ventured into the desolate backwoods of Tennessee to make something no one expected to be as far-reaching and influential as it would ultimately become. The Evil Dead is a landmark film for not only its strides in popularizing the independent horror market but for the ingenuity and ambition of up-and-coming filmmakers with nothing but the gall to undertake such an intensive endeavor, to begin with. Its cult-status campiness does not detract from the genuine scares and terror it elicits, as well as the boundless energy it emits from a creatively unrestricted camera which inhabits the very spirit of the ghoulish demons which plague the creaky cabin in the woods which our hapless protagonists have sought refuge within. The Evil Dead remains a pillar of the horror genre, effective and frightening as it was when its plucky filmmakers first sent it out into the world, knowing not just how large its impact would inevitably be. 

0:00 America’s #1 Vapecast
9:00: The Vow
14:53: Possessor 
21:00: Nightstream & Favorite Horror Theater Experiences
29:16: The Evil Dead

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