Daydreamcast Ep. 13: Clock Tower (1995)

There may be an imposter on board but this podcast ain’t it! The Daydreamcast returns to talk about the newest hotness of two years ago, Among Us, a game of love and betrayal, of murder and hats. We proceed to usher in the spookiest time of the year as we wrestle with the horrors of bad ports and delisted games on GOG, 3DS, and elsewhere, before we turn our attention to horror videogames. Silent Hill (1999) gets the hot take treatment, and the 1995 cult classic Clock Tower the game of the week treatment. A marriage of survival horror and point-and-click adventure, this Argento homage by Human Entertainment features a dense atmosphere and actual narrative variability within a fully realised mansion setting, capitalising on the two scariest things in the world: the sensation of being chased, and giant scissors. Aggrieved mums are also in there somewhere, so buckle up, Jennifer Connelly!

Whatcha Playing
00:00 Among Us
25:45 Konami’s GOG dump and the (mis-)treatment of legacy titles
28:40 Pavlos’ 3DS shenanigans, part deux
22:27 Hot Take Central (also known as The Hot Take Minute)
Featured Game
51:23 Clock Tower

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