The Twin Geeks 92: Monster House (2006)

As the leaves change their colors and the year crawls into the spookiest month of all, we look to those captivating holiday favorites to put us in the proper mood. While not yet regarded as a rightful classic, the early motion-capture animation film Monster House has endured in our minds as one of the best encapsulations of the Halloween spirit on film. It blends the inherent silliness and humor of the tradition with genuine fear and monstrous horror. It takes us back to a time when we ourselves would roam the darkened suburban streets of our home towns, prowling for candy and ghouls alike. Monster House remains a perennial favorite because of its smart writing, creative animation, and its uncompromising embrace of the holiday, making for an easy transition into a month full of horror each and every year. 

0:00: Ambassadors of Anime and Disney
8:20: The Trial of the Chicago 7
24:06: Feels Good Man
37:04: Horror Month Lists
48:30: Monster House

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One thought on “The Twin Geeks 92: Monster House (2006)

  1. Good review. Monster House is one of my favorites when it comes to entry-level horror. I love how it has everything like comedy, scares and heart. Also, Steve Buscemi as Nebbercracker is awesome.

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