The Twin Geeks 90: Dazed and Confused (1993)

For nearly two decades the rocking teen comedy dominated the cinematic landscape as the preeminent escapist dream to the days of our rambunctious youths, and none perhaps more nostalgically than Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused. Boasting one of the most electric soundtrack selections of any film, and all the warm remembrance of the culture of 1970s freedom, this perennial favorite has more than made its impact on popular culture. Linklater conjures the most profound recreation of the 1970s both through impeccable art direction and musical brilliance, falling back on only the most classic of rock and roll offerings and forever enshrining them as artifacts of the beloved era. Dazed and Confused is often described as the ultimate hang out movie, and so we soak in every moment with reverence as we consider the warm feelings of our own memories of youth.

0:00 Definitely not a Tenet discussion
6:58 Mulan and Disney’s politics
23:55 I’m Thinking of Podcasting Things
36:09 Dazed & Confused

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