Daydreamcast Ep. 10: Panzer Dragoon (1995)

The Daydreamcast bounces back this week as we take on the new gaming sensation, Fall Guys, and personally say “hello” to the fellow kids. We certainly don’t stop there, though, as Pavlos recounts doing inappropriate things to his 3DS inbetween watching what is widely known as the ‘beautiful game’. Meanwhile, Brogan sticks with what he does best: talking about Hylics. We launch a new segment about takes so hot your ears might get burned from listening! Equally heated is our discussion on this week’s main feature, the 1995 rail shooter Panzer Dragoon, mainly because the game is hot trash a flawed if not original experience. We meditate on its successes, its many limitations, and the differences between the original version and its 2020 remake. If you have come for answers on what the heck happens in that opening cutscene, move right along!

Whatcha Playing
00:00 Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (2020)
08:11 Pavlos’ 3DS shenanigans
13:49 Hylics 2 (2020)
19:15 Reigns: Kings & Queens (2018)
26:40 Hot Take Central (also known as The Hot Take Minute)
Featured Game
40:06 Panzer Dragoon

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