Daydreamcast Ep. 8: Phantasy Star (1987)

A wild Daydreamcast draws near! It’s a full-on role-playing extravaganza this week as Brogan returns and with him the hard-hitting game talk. We delve into Mario’s most recent stationery adventure, the trippy world of Hylics, the regular deluge of HyLeaks out of Nintendo’s Google Drive, the masochistic pleasure of Japanese captchas, and a damning account of the PS4’s retro emulation. For our game of the week we focus on Phantasy Star, Sega’s flagship RPG on the Master System, as we pit it against its contemporaries, discuss its many ambitions, and the various ways to engage with it today. Before you listen, please look up the sprite of Werebat. We have contacted his agent to get him to guest on a future episode.

Whatcha Playing
0:00 Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)
16:41 Hylics (2015)
23:28 Nintendo Leaks
34:04 Brogan’s Sobering PS2-on-PS4 Experience
37:39 Minute: Nuclear Throne (2015); Anodyne (2013)
Featured Game
44:45 Phantasy Star

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