Daydreamcast Ep. 6: Dead Rising (2006)

In this week’s only seemingly light Daydreamcast, we talk nightmares. The nightmare of Pyramid Head selling out, for one. The nightmare that is working retail in a consumerist society. And, lastly, the nightmare that is the concerning lack of Covid safety measures in Pokémon cafés around the country. As the main course, we serve a goofy-yet-earnest nightmare in Dead Rising, a creative and ambitious early Xbox 360 game which stands at the crossroads that is mid-00s game design. We focus on the various systems of the game, its design philosophy and unique approach to an open (yet defined) world, and trace back the steps the series would go on to take. Also, we forget to mention how Carlito looks like a scrapped Tekken character, so there!

Whatcha Playing
0:00 The Great Pokémon Café Mix (2020) Soliloquy
07:44 Dead By Daylight (2016)
14:19 Minute: Beglitched (2016); Night of the Consumers (2012)
Featured Game
25:22 Dead Rising

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