The Twin Geeks 80: The Breakfast Club

Having little to do with the early morning meal for which it’s named after, John Hughes’ seminal 1985 teen classic is but a jumping off point for our worldly discussion of the so called most important meal of the day. What began as a tangent springing from the title of this renowned teen comedy came to be a full blown discussion of its own, covering the importance of dine-in experiences, the massive difference between oversized American breakfasts and the economical style of Mediterranean meals, the proper blend and volume of daily coffee intake, and our own go to preferences for this treasured daily ritual. Though our movie talk is light this week, our bellies are surely full, and we invite you to indulge as well in lengthy food-centric discussion in this special deviation of The Twin Geekscast.

0:00 The Breakfast Club: The Most Important Club of the Day

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The Twin Geeks · The Breakfast Club

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