The Twin Geeks 79: Da 5 Bloods (2020)

The latest film from director Spike Lee comes at a time of utmost relevancy, as the country continues to rail against systematic racism and the imperative energy of the Black Lives Matter movement. Reminding us that the lingering effects of the disastrous Vietnam War still permeate in our society, Da 5 Bloods weaves the tragic after effects of that unending conflict with the ongoing struggle of Black Americans, still fighting the same oppressive battles against racism as they were during the heights of the Civil Rights movement concurrently with the war in Vietnam. Lee’s signature style is prominent throughout, vocally expressing his themes through colorful characters, flashy editing, and prominently featured historical footage reminding us of the tangible reality his stories are based in. We take this opportunity to reflect on his entire filmography as well, ranging from the small budget successes of his early films in the 80s to the more ambitious and even more politically charged films of the last decade. His latest joint isn’t to be missed, especially in this time of critical social pertinence.

0:00 The Spike Lee Retrospective
51:00 Da 5 Bloods

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The Twin Geeks · Ep. 79: Da 5 Bloods (2020)

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