The Twin Geeks 78: Dead Ringers (1988)

As a follow up to the smash, blockbuster success of his inspired body-horror remake The Fly (1986), David Cronenberg’s more dramatically centered observation of inner human turmoils still more than delivers on the external horrors of his ethos, but without relying on the more obliquely grotesque images that have come to be expected of him. The bulky and inhumanly organic looks of the twin gynecologists’, both played by an astounding Jeremy Irons, evoke the inescapable squirming sensation of Cronenberg’s previous works for sure, but it is the more personal and existential crisis of identity that grounds Dead Ringers in a decidedly relatable fear, usurping even some of his better known efforts as a horror classic that gets under your skin in ways you never thought possible. The characteristic combination of overtly sexual horror blended with internal human conflict is as potent in Dead Ringers as it is in any of his more decidedly provocative films, and, at times, all the more disturbing because of it.

0:00 Black Lives Matter
16:42 Space Force
21:50 Lucky Grandma
28:14 Dead Ringers

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The Twin Geeks · Ep. 78: Deadringers (1988)

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