Daydreamcast Ep. 3: Pikmin (2001)

In the new episode of the vanguard Daydreamcast, we take up a new quarantine hobby: gardening of a… special kind! Join us as we discuss the seemingly harmless but immensely fun Pikmin, Nintendo’s original take on a real-time strategy game. We discuss both the Gamecube and the Wii version in detail, focusing on the game’s striking aesthetic, its not-so-daunting time limit, and the value of the almighty Blue Pikmin. Other insights of the episode: Nintendo listens to our podcast, Bloodborne is good (finally someone has figured this out!), and M2 is the supreme caretaker of The Old Games.

Whatcha Playing
0:00 Panel de Pon (1995) and others coming to Switch SNES VC
3:16 Bloodborne (2015)
8:33 Pavlos’ Animal Crossing Minute
17:33 Retro Compilations (Mega Man, Castlevania) aka M2 vs. the rest of the world
Featured Game
28:50 Pikmin

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