The Twin Geeks 73: Police Story (1985)

Combining the spectacular talents of both well-crafted physical comedy and peerless stunt choreography, Jackie Chan has made a name for himself as the most talented performer of his caliber. His skills as as an action star and director remain unparalleled, as he elevated the bar for Hong Kong action cinema to new heights with the world renowned success of his 1980s action milestone, Police Story. The creativity and ambition of the set pieces Jackie, and his team of highly trained stuntmen, conjured up for this nonstop high-octane action spectacular stand as some of the most impressive work exhibited on screens to this day. From the explosive opening that sees Jackie hanging on to the side of a speeding bus, to the glass-shattering showdown in the climactic mall brawl, Police Story is an unrivaled testimony to the ingenious talents, and reckless tenacity, of Jackie’s peerless commitment to jaw-dropping action brilliance.

0:00: The Great Animal Crossing Conspiracy
3:30: The virtues of the Criterion Channel and the longform Russian masterpiece War and Peace (1966)
9:18: Jacques Tourneur’s filmography & Nightfall (1957)
12:09: Police Story

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