Daydreamcast Ep. 2: Batman (1990)

Ever listen to a podcast in the pale moonlight? Well, you should try and what better opportunity than with a new sizzling episode of the only video game podcast around! This week, Brogan thought it was 2013 and bought a PS4, Pavlos breaks down laziness in the work place and the difference between music and rhythm games, and both of them discuss games based on comic books. Fittingly, Sunsoft’s Batman, a short and tough sidescroller on the NES, gets the game-of-the-week treatment, providing our hosts with ample opportunity to talk about The Bat, The Burton, and, of course, The Old Games.

Whatcha Playing
0:00 PS4 Experience & Bloodborne (2015)
5:18 Thumper (2016): Music vs. Rhythm games
15:19 ToeJam & Earl: Back to the Groove (2019)
22:10 Pavlos’ Animal Crossing Minute
28:09 Spider-Man (2018)
Featured Game
31:42 Batman

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