The Twin Geeks 70: Red Sun (1971)

A rare convergence of the Samurai and Western genre, embodied by the iconic figures of Toshirô Mifune and Charles Bronson, Red Sun is a fun and adventurous gem set in the style of Spaghetti Westerns which emphasizes the clash of cultures central to the film’s main dynamic. Further solidifying this universal sentiment is the credibility of British director Terence Young, famous for spearheading the first several James Bond films, and French superstar Alain Delon as a brilliantly mischievous black-hatted antagonist. Much humor is made from the fish-out-of-water quest to restore the honor of the slighted samurai, making the ignorance of the American protagonist the butt of most jokes, preserving the dignity and respect the Japanese guests deserve in the Western land. The interplay between Mifune and Bronson is the greatest success for sure, but Young makes sure to deliver on the Western action as well, blending together the exciting anarchy of Western shootouts with the swift nobility of Samurai swordplay. Red Sun is a uniquely fantastical Western that represents a universal appreciation of the genre, packaged in an entertaining and star-studded presentation that is inimitable in any other time period.

0:00: The Virtues of White Chocolate
6:05: Now Streaming: It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown! (1974), Vikings: Season 1 (2013), Easter Parade (1948)
15:08: Tiger King, the all-time most viewed documentary
23:20: The week where only Jesse Eisenberg movies come out: Resistance & Vivarium
29:19: Trolls World Tour
36:26: Red Sun

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