The Twin Geeks 69: The Straight Story (1999)

The family friendly and homogenous branding of the Disney corporation wouldn’t seem to be the best fit for a visionary and singular surrealist filmmaker like David Lynch, but at the end of the previous millennium, he did in fact partner up with the now domineering conglomerate to make an understated yet classically Lynchian film about a man traversing the American Midwest to make amends with his estranged brother. The film has come to greater attention this week after being made available for all to see on the streaming platform Disney+, after being widely unavailable for a long period of time. Richard Farnsworth, a brilliant character actor with a warm demeanor and a wholesome spirit, breathes life into the leading role of Alvin Straight, turning in the finest performance of his career, as well as his tragically last. He is complemented by Lynch’s characteristically brilliant direction, capturing the eccentricity of small town America while the beautiful score from Angelo Badalamenti accentuates the cultural spirit of the humble residents of the rural towns Alvin passes through. Emotionally driven and wholesome in tone, The Straight Story is an unexpected but welcome treat from Lynch that sacrifices none of his signature directorial vision.

0:00: Introducing Pavlos & the Daydreamcast
3:36: Wrestlemania in the Apocalypse
8:40: Now Streaming: Straight Time (1978) & Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936)
14:16: Never Rarely Sometimes Always
21:34: Bacurau
33:07: The Straight Story

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