The Twin Geeks 68: Paper Moon (1973)

With the downbeat, somber setting of mid-Depression Era America juxtaposed with the contagiously humorous nature of the relationship between a dopey con man and a firecracker young girl who may be his daughter, director Peter Bogdanovich mines a heart-warming and hilarious adventure through the past, utilizing all his signature talents at the height of his powers during the peak of his New Hollywood celebrity. Ryan O’Neal and his real life daughter Tatum are an electric pairing on screen, with the young 9-year-old giving a legendary performance that still stands as the youngest to win an Academy Award. And it’s not just the beauty of their relationship that makes Paper Moon so compelling, as Bogdanovich summons all his cinematic powers to render the 1930s world into a nostalgic dream of movie memory. The stark black and white photography, combined with steadfast attention to period details, make Paper Moon a transportive and endearing film that remains a highlight of the legendary decade.

0:00: The Twin Geekscast: A Videogame Podcast: Animal Crossing: New Horizons
16:30: Life in the time of Corona
22:16: A Place in the Sun (1951)
26:09: Profiling Grace Kelly’s acting filmography
32:52: Little Fires Everywhere
35:14: Paper Moon

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