The Twin Geeks 66: RoboCop (1987)

With the shiny metallic sheen of our hero’s mechanical exterior juxtaposed with the gritty, dirt-ridden world of a dystopian Detroit of the future, RoboCop comes in firing with its cutting social satire and astounding fusion of action and science fiction, with a film that remains as entertaining as its commentary is biting. RoboCop stands out from the overstuffed machismo of its ’80s contemporaries by smartly infusing the festering issues of the world it was birthed into with the not-so-far-off ideas of where unchecked capitalism and an increasingly fascist police state will land us. If a socially aware blockbuster isn’t what you’re looking for, there’s still plenty to admire in the thrilling action and iconic characters of the film, from Peter Weller as the unrelenting force of mechanical justice to the malicious villainy of both Ronny Cox and Kurtwood Smith as two of the most delightfully over the top antagonists of the decade. Smart, sleek, and entertaining as all get out, RoboCop is the sci-fi staple that continues to function like a well-oiled machine.

0:00: RIP Max Von Sydow
8:04: Bond talk with Bro
17:37: The Twin Geeks Present the Coronavirus Cancelation Prediction Game! — Part II
22:46: The Way Back
31:01: Devs
33:30: Robocop

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