The Twin Geeks 65: The Favourite (2018)

With a recent uptick in period dramas taking hold of public interest recently, with the likes of Little Women (2019) and the newly released Emma being of particular note, we are fondly reminded of one of our favorite films from 2018: Yorgos Lanthimos’ star-studded crass beauty, The Favourite. The hilarious battle between Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz for the heart of Olivia Coleman’s Queen Anne (and all the power that comes with that affection) won us all over in a big way. The crudeness of the film’s sharp script cuts like a dagger through the projected pomposity of faux 18th century romanticized aristocracy, while still lensing the film with the utmost consideration for beauty and decadence through a myriad of distorted wide angles. The film is cutthroat, funny, and bolstered by its three central performances, equally lifting the film to a greater plane of celebrated excellence. Period dramas have never been as entertaining as this, so the new crop we’re seeing right now has a lot to live up to.

0:00: The Twin Geeks Present the Coronavirus Cancelation Prediction Game!
10:34: The Invisible Man
15:42: The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez
18:19: I’m Not OK with This
23:01: Swallow
26:14: Emma
32:26: The Favourite

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